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Keraton, Indonesian Ancient Palace.

Kraton is the Javanese word for a royal palace. Its name is derived from word "ke-ratu-an", ratu which means "king". In Java, the palace of a prince is called puro or dalem. The general word to designate a palace is istana, as in Indonesian and Malay. Recently functioned as tourism object, the palaces are known by their locality - 'The Yogyakarta Kraton', or 'The Solo Kraton' "Cirebon Kraton" "Madura Kraton" but in Indonesian and Javanese etiquette, the places are given their full formal titles when being written or spoken attitude.
In the Yogyakarta region, palaces include Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Palace of Hamengkubuwono I to X) and Puro Pakualaman (Palace of Pakualam). In Surakarta, notable palaces include Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat (Palace of Pakubuwono II to IX) and the Puro Mangkunegaran. In Karta and Plered, there are remains of palaces from the 1600s and in Kota Gede there are even remains of a palace from the 1500s.
In Cirebon (in West Java), there are the Kraton Kasepuhan of Cirebon, the Kraton Kanoman of Cirebon, Kraton Kacirebonan and the Kraton Keprabonan, used by rivaling branches of the dynasty.The term kraton 'palace' is also used as a way to refer to the court which it houses. This is especially the case for native Indonesian states where the succession is disputed, giving issue to two or more branches of the dynasty, or even rivaling dynasties, each setting up an alternative court, while competing for the same state, but generally only controlling part of it. An example is the West-Javan state of Cirebon, which was founded in 1478 and since 1662 was ruled from four kraton (palaces): (1) Kraton Kasepuhan, using as the ruler's style Sultan
(2) Kraton Kanoman, style Sultan
(3) Kraton Kaprabonan, style Panembahan (lower in rank)
(4) Kraton Kacirebonan, style Sultan

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