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As many states begin to reopen — most without meeting the thresholds recommended by the White House — a new level of COVID-19 risk analysis begins for Americans.
Should I go to the beach? What about the hair salon? A sit-down restaurant meal? Visit Mom on Mother’s Day?
States are responding to the tremendous economic cost of the pandemic and people’s pent-up desire to be "normal" again. But public health experts remain cautious. In many areas, they note, COVID cases — and deaths — are still on the rise, and some fear new surges will follow the easing of restrictions.



Yvonne Farrel
When designing a campus for a new University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru, the Dublin-based architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara thought deeply about how to integrate the wind and the rain.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Goes to Two Women for the First Time
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