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Gedung yang mampu Membangun Dirinya sendiri

Cetak 4D : Gedung-gedung yang dapat mengubah dirinya sendiri


 Bagaimana jika gedung-gedung dapat mengubah bentuk sendiri – tanpa masukan dari kita? Arsitek Skylar Tibbits mengatakan bahwa cetak 4D  could make materials that build themselves.The way we build our structures has become more and more sophisticated. But the materials we build them from are static, waiting for us to fit them to the required shape.What if they could assemble themselves – and even change form if they needed to? The emerging technology of 4D printing – where 3D-printed material changes shape over time – means we may be able to build things that can adapt to our use or the environment around them, says MIT’s Skylar Tibbits.

Adaptable pipe

Tibbits believes this technology could lead to more resilient, lighter structures – ones which can respond to the world around them.


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“The big idea is to create objects yang dapat berubah sesudah mereka dicetak, making them self-adapting. The act of printing is no longer the end of the creative process but merely a waypoint.” — Wired UK

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