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Name: Peter Paul Pugin
Designation: Architect
Born: 1851
Died: March 1904
Bio Notes: Peter Paul Pugin dilahirkan pada tahun 1851, putera bungsudari pasangan Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin dengan istri ketiga, Jane Knill. He began practice as the junior partner in Pugin & Pugin. The senior partner adalah kakak tirinya bernama Edward Welby Pugin, lahoir di London on 11 March 1834, putra tertua dari A W N Pugin dengan istri kedua Louisa Burton. Brought up in his father's office, Edward adalah tangan kanan papahnya pada usia enam belas, keeping the practice going through his father's periodic fits of madness from February 1852 onwards. Ketika ayah mereka meninggal pada tanggal 14 September of that year, Peter Paul was only one year old, Edward eighteen and Cuthbert Welby (also born to Louisa) twelve. The sole beneficiary of their father's will was his widow, Jane Knill; atas nasihat fabrikan stained-glass John Hardman Powell yang telah menikahi putri tertua Pugin yaitu Anne. Jane Pugin memindahkan baik rumah maupun perlengkapan kantor ke Birmingham partly to be near their main patron the 17th Earl of Shrewsbury, but in 1856 the Earl died. The Pugin family resettled in Gordon Square, London, in the same year becoming sufficiently prosperous to resume full occupation of the Grange at Ramsgate pada tahun 1861.

Di tahun 1857, ketika Peter Paul berusia enam tahun, Edward membuka kantor cabang di Liverpool and formed a partnership with the Irishman James Murray, who had already been practising their. In 1860 Edward formed a second partnership with his brother-in-law George Coppinger Ashlin and opened a Dublin office for Irish work. The Murray partnership was, however, dissolved in 1860, Murray thereafter practising on his own account until his early death, and in 1862 Edward merged his practice with that of the older and well-established Joseph Aloysius Hansom. That partnership closed acrimoniously in the following year.

Edward Pugin was admitted FRIBA on 16 June 1862. Two years earlier in 1860 he had founded the South East Furniture Company to manufacture his designs, the management of it being largely in the hands of his brother Cuthbert. Putusnya jalinan kereja samanya dengan Ashlin di tahun 1869 bisa jadi dikaitkan karena begitu tinmgginya resiko hubungan kerja tersebut, Hotel Granville di Ramsgate, a vast hotel and hydropathic complex. This failed in 1873 leaving Pugin bankrupt with liabilities of £187,000. He left for the United States where he quickly obtained commissions for some thirty churches and a monastery in Cuba. The English and Scottish work in hand was continued by Cuthbert and Peter Paul, who had been assisting him since the 1860s and had recently been taken into partnership, the practice becoming Pugin & Pugin.

Edward Pugin mendadak meninggal dunia pada 5 Jun1 1875 akibat kelelahan kerja dan penggunaan yang kurang tepat dari chloral hydrate'. Dia belum menikah and the main responsibility for the practice passed to Peter Paul, Cuthbert being principally concerned with the furniture making and furnishing side of the family business. Although Peter Paul's offices remained in London and Liverpool his practice was largely Scottish through Charles Eyre. Eyre came of a landed Northumbrian family and had been a parish priest at Pugin's church at Newcastle; Stephen Eyre, one of Edward Pugin's clerk of works, was probably a relative. Charles Eyre was appointed administrator of the Catholic church in the Glasgow area from 1869 and Archbishop of Glasgow when the Catholic hierarchy was re-created in 1878. Although Peter Paul's earlier churches were strongly influenced by his father and brother, by the 1880s he had developed a very recognisable curvilinear Gothic style, usually in red sandstone with elaborate altarpieces dalam marbel-marbel berwarna.

Peter Paul Pugin menikah dengan puteri ketiga dari pendiri Katholik John Bird dari Hammersmith pada tahun 1886. Mereka dikaruniai lima orang anak, but none entered the practice. Peter Paul died in March 1904, the firm being continued by his nephew Sebastian Pugin Powell, born in 1886, the son of John Hardman Powell. He became a member of the firm in 1884, tetapi tidaklah jelas apakah pada tanggal itu ia menjadi rekan kerja.

Cuthbert lived on in retirement at Ramsgate until March 1928. Sebastian Pugin Powell died in 1949, but the practice was continued by his cousin Charles Henry Cuthbert Powell, born 1874, until his death in 1958.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
  Address Type Date from Date to Notes
Item 1 of 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, England Business 1879 *    

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
  Name Date from Date to Position Notes
Item 1 of 2 Edward Welby Pugin c. 1860 Early 1870s Assistant  
Item 2 of 2 Pugin & Pugin Early 1870s 1904 Partner  

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
  Date started Building name Town, district or village Island City or county Country Notes
Item 1 of 61 1873 St Mary and St Finnan RC Church Glenfinnan   Inverness-shire Scotland  
Item 2 of 61 1877 St Mary RC Church Cleland   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 3 of 61 1878 Franciscan Church and Friary Hutchestown   Glasgow Scotland Church built
Item 4 of 61 1878 St Benedict's Abbey Fort Augustus   Inverness-shire Scotland Completed conversion by Hansom including Abbey Church - also tower in east block, great staircase, chapter house etc added
Item 5 of 61 1880 Benedictine Convent of the Perpetual Adoration, Corbelly Hill Dumfries   Dumfriesshire Scotland Main buildings and chapel (and reredos)
Item 6 of 61 After 1880 SS John Cantius and Nicholas RC Church Broxburn   West Lothian Scotland Reredos and niche for sacraments - date not known
Item 7 of 61 1881 St Mary's RC Church Eskadale   Inverness-shire Scotland Chancel extended and stone altar added
Item 8 of 61 1882 Our Lady and St Margaret RC Church and Presbytery Kinning Park   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 9 of 61 1882 St Aloysius RC Church and Presbytery Springburn   Glasgow Scotland Presbytery
Item 10 of 61 1882 St Francis Xavier RC Church Carfin   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 11 of 61 1882 St Mary's RC Presbytery Cleland   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 12 of 61 1883 St Margaret RC Church Johnstone   Renfrewshire Scotland Enlargement and reconstruction. Addition of transepts and sanctuary and new nave proposed, but not builtd
Item 13 of 61 1883 St Mary RC Church Stirling   Stirlingshire Scotland Date in HS List
Item 14 of 61 1884 Holy Family RC Church Mossend   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 15 of 61 1884 RC Church Airdrie   Lanarkshire Scotland Design only
Item 16 of 61 1884 St Aloysius RC Church Chapelhall   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 17 of 61 1885 St John's RC Presbytery     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 18 of 61 1887 RC School, Portland Street     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 19 of 61 1887 St Michael's RC Church and presbytery Linlithgow   West Lothian Scotland  
Item 20 of 61 1888 RC School, Sandyfaulds Street     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 21 of 61 1889 Convent of Faithful Companions of Jesus Paisley   Renfrewshire Scotland  
Item 22 of 61 1889 St Andrew's RC Cathedral     Glasgow Scotland Renovation for use as Cathedral and church furnishings
Item 23 of 61 1889 St Mary RC Church Paisley   Renfrewshire Scotland  
Item 24 of 61 1889 St Peter's College Bearsden   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 25 of 61 1890 Sacred Heart RC Presbytery     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 26 of 61 Before 1890 RC Presbytery Rutherglen   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 27 of 61 Before 1890 RC Presbytery Maryhill   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 28 of 61 Before 1890 RC Schools Crosshill   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 29 of 61 Before 1890 St Francis RC Schools Gorbals   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 30 of 61 Before 1890 St John's RC Schools     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 31 of 61 Before 1890 St Margaret's RC Presbytery     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 32 of 61 c. 1890 St Patrick RC Schools     Dundee Scotland  
Item 33 of 61 1891 Holy Family and St Ninian RC Church Kirkintilloch   Dunbartonshire Scotland  
Item 34 of 61 1891 St Bridget RC Church Baillieston   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 35 of 61 1892 St Andrew's RC Cathedral     Glasgow Scotland Main altar and side altars
Item 36 of 61 1893 St Agnes RC Church Lambhill   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 37 of 61 c. 1893 St Mary's RC Church Inverness   Inverness-shire Scotland Advised on design of altar and reredos - executed by Carruthers
Item 38 of 61 1895 St Joseph RC Church Blantyre   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 39 of 61 1895 St Mary's RC Church and presbytery Lanark   Lanarkshire Scotland Lady chapel altar
Item 40 of 61 1896 St Augustine's RC Church and presbytery, Langloan Coatbridge   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 41 of 61 1896 St Gregory RC Church Preshome   Banffshire Scotland New sanctuary
Item 42 of 61 1896 St Mary RC Church and presbytery, Barrowfield Coatbridge   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 43 of 61 1896 St Patrick's RC Church Coatbridge   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 44 of 61 Before 1896 St Patrick's RC Church, Presbytery and halls     Dundee Scotland Design - not executed
Item 45 of 61 c. 1896 St Aloysius RC Church and Presbytery Springburn   Glasgow Scotland High altar
Item 46 of 61 1897 St John RC Church     Glasgow Scotland  
Item 47 of 61 1898 St Patrick RC Church Anderston   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 48 of 61 1898 St Patrick RC Church and presbytery, Shieldmuir Wishaw   Lanarkshire Scotland  
Item 49 of 61 1899 St Laurence's RC Church Greenock   Renfrewshire Scotland  
Item 50 of 61 1900 Our Lady of Good Aid RC Church Motherwell   Lanarkshire Scotland Built original church
Item 51 of 61 1900 St Joseph's RC Church     Dundee Scotland Reredos and baldacchino
Item 52 of 61 1900 St Mary Immaculate RC Church and Presbytery Pollokshaws   Glasgow Scotland North aisle extended
Item 53 of 61 1900 St Mary Star of the Sea RC Church Leith   Edinburgh Scotland Alterations - North aisle
Item 54 of 61 c. 1900(?) St Joseph's RC Church Wemyss Bay   Renfrewshire Scotland Date uncertain
Item 55 of 61 c. 1900 St Patrick RC Church Dumbarton   Dunbartonshire Scotland Design only - superseded by Dunn & Hansom
Item 56 of 61 1901 Holy Redeemer RC Church Clydebank   Dunbartonshire Scotland  
Item 57 of 61 1901 St Mary's RC Church and presbytery Lanark   Lanarkshire Scotland Reredos and high altar
Item 58 of 61 1902 St Peter's College Bearsden   Glasgow Scotland Chapel constructed
Item 59 of 61 1903 St Peter RC Church and Presbytery Dowanhill   Glasgow Scotland  
Item 60 of 61 1904 St Andrew's RC Cathedral     Glasgow Scotland Removal of galleries and insertion of sanctuary screens
Item 61 of 61 1904 St Mary RC Church Paisley   Renfrewshire Scotland Addition - plans dated


Bibliographic References

The following books contain references to this architect:
  Author(s) Date Part Title Publisher Notes
Item 1 of 2 Attenbury, Paul and Wainwright, Clive 1994   Pugin: a Gothic passion London & New Haven: Yale University Press and the Victoria & Albert Museum  
Item 2 of 2 Wedgwood, Alexandra 1985   A W N Pugin and the Pugin family    

Periodical References

The following periodicals contain references to this architect:
  Periodical Name Date Edition Publisher Notes
Item 1 of 1 Builder 19 March 1904     p316

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